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Streaming music with Virtual DJ (PC) » How to stream in Second Life

Streaming music with Virtual DJ (PC)

Virtual DJ is another popular choice for those who want to actually DJ with music, pharm offering virutal decks, viagra effects and much more. You can download a free trial here

NOTE: Virtual DJ will work with both Shoutcast and IceCast servers, however as yet I’ve only been able to stream as MP3, as when streaming as OGG the IceCast server would require a mount point, which Virtual DJ doesn’t allow to be configurable.

Once you have installed Virtual DJ, the first thing to do is setup your streaming information:

  • Launch Virtual DJ

Click to expand screenshot

Click to expand screenshot

  • Click the Record tab below the decks
  • Click the Config button
  • Select the Recording (Broadcast) sourceExample: Master or Master + MIC

    If you use Master + MIC will need to select from the drop down your soundcard/microphone  input (this will vary per setup)

  • Select the Format for your stream (suggest MP3)
  • Select the Bit Rate for your stream (suggest 128Kbs)
  • Select the location of the encoder (normally lame_enc.dll as supplied with Virtual DJ)
  • Enter your streams address (Example:
  • Enter your DJ name or details you would like to display on the stream
  • Enter your streams port (Example: 8000)
  • Enter your streams password


Once you are happy with the settings, click the Start Recording button and Virtual DJ will connect to your stream, then any music played in Virtual DJ will be broadcast to your stream.

In Second Life you then just need to set the Music URL for your stream, remember you need to include the http:// part before the hostname or ip address and the port number. For example might look something like this http://gold.slserver.com:8000 or

See the article Understanding Streaming in Second Life if you are not sure about how to set your music address in Second Life.