Understanding music streaming in Second Life

It is possible to play (stream) music into Second Life (SL) from an external hosted source, this could be be straight from your computer, an internet radio station, streaming audio relay or other external source.

Setting music on a parcel of land in Second Life
If you own a parcel of land or you are a group officer with group land, you can set a “Music URL” on the land. This will play the mp3 and ogg stream to people who accept streaming music.

To set the Music URL:

  • Right click the parcel of land
  • Click About Land
  • In the About Land window, click the Media tab
  • Then enter the full mp3 or ogg streaming url address including the http:// prefix in the Music URL box. For example – http://gold.slserver.com:8000 or


Streaming your own music or video in Second Life

It is possible to stream your own music from your computer into Second Life. Unless you have a large amount of bandwidth available, using your own machine as a streaming server is not really an option. With around 5 users connected you would using most of the bandwidth of a standard DSL line.

Therefore to stream your own music you would require a streaming relay provider. You would send a single stream of music to the streaming relay provider. The relay would then stream multiple copies of the musicĀ  into Second Life.

The most common streaming server systems at the moment are Shoutcast or Icecast. You can either set up the server software on your own server or as most people do, pay someone to host it for you. I offer quality streams for use in Second Life (and on the internet), check out my store in Bisque for more details.