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Streaming music with Traktor Pro (PC or Mac)

Streaming music with Traktor Pro (PC or Mac)

Traktor is a great piece of software for true DJing, capsule with multiple decks, effects and much more. Traktor Pro is available for for both PC and Mac. You can download a free trial here

NOTE: Traktor only works with IceCast servers

Once you have installed Traktor, the first thing to do is setup your streaming information:

  • Launch Traktor

Click to expand screenshot

Click to expand screenshot

  • Select File and Clik Preferences
  • Click Broadcasting tab
  • Select Use Direct Connection (unless you need a proxy server to connect to the internet)
  • Enter your streams address
  • Enter your streams port
    Example: 9002
  • Enter your streams mount point
    Example: live.ogg (Note no forward slash at the start and the extension .ogg at the end)
  • Enter your streams password


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Once you are happy with settings, you will need to test the connection details and starting broadcasting.

To start the broadcast:

  • Click the Cassette style icon in the top right to show the Audio Recorder panel
  • Click the Broadcast tower


If the symbol is highlighted you are connected and you are streaming live to the IceCast server!

In Second Life you then just need to set the Music URL for your stream, remember you need to include the http:// part before the hostname or ip address and the port number. For example might look something like this http://ice.slserver.com:9002/live.ogg or

See the article Understanding Streaming in Second Life if you are not sure about how to set your music address in Second Life.


As of 23rd September 2009, if you are using the GreenLife Emerald client there is currently a bug with playing .ogg format streams. Using the official Second Life client has no problems. (Thanks to Nepal Tairov for helping diagnose and report this to me)